Sri Shirdi Sai OldAge Home has been set up with the aim of providing home comforts and peace of mind to seniors seeking peace and calm. It is to be run as a nonprofit institution by the Sri Shirdi Sai OldAge Home to provide shelter to people of advanced years who feel stressed out by the daily hassles and troubles of life. The aim is to make them feel they are truly at HOME though in a different residence. Their stay at Sri Shirdi Sai OldAge Home will free them from various worries and pressures and find them a new life with all the basic comforts and care essential for them.

It offers residential services for retired people, who wants peaceful and independent life and those who want to stay away from the worldly affairs, people suffering from medical complexities and need supervision, or senior citizens who want a temporary stay because family members going outstation or abroad.

Our professionals ready to give nursing care to your mother or father round the clock. You make a call to us any time for companionship to love one. We will ask you to send your immediate relative, a cousin or uncle or a close friend to the office to have preliminary discussion and evaluation of the clinical condition. In this preliminary meeting our professionals like psychologists, doctors, social workers and other staffs will discuss the prognosis, support systems currently available, emergency preparedness, family dynamics, chances of deterioration, chances of rehabilitation, support systems needed in case of deterioration of condition etc,. In short a care plan is drawn.

The team works with a motto of offering utmost comfort, dignity, and security to the elderly people that are the prime needs. Five-star facilities make their stay comfortable and enjoyable.

Safety & Security

Use of CCTV cameras and round the clock security is provided to ensure our senior citizens feel safe and secure.


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