We cannot blame any one for this global change,social challenge and human crisis. Unlike the institutional support in the developed societies with fair degree of sheltered homes for the senior citizens,we have serious issues in providing care to our seniors.

They constitute vulnerable group due to physical ,psychosomatic health and social withdrawal. Poverty and rural deprivation further aggregates their living. Worst bit are the women belonging to weakers sections living in rural areas without any economic or social security. Though government of india passed national policy on senior citizens and their welfare,due to complexity of the problems of the elderly,much has not improved in the plight of our elders. Hence,the need for the support of the community for their safe and secured maintenance and well being.Thus,the role of NGOS assumes significance.

To meet the increasing demand for support and maintenance of the needy seniors, caring elders, We appeal to the public to share their resources liberally and to supplement our endeavors for extending a helping hand to our elders, it is going to admit inmates based on their financial background irrespective of caste, creed, languauge , color, religion and region. Consider this, out of every 10 elderly couples in India, more than 6 are forced by their children to leave their homes. With no place to go and all hopes lost, the elderly have to resort to old age homes, which do not guarantee first class treatment. In India, but children find it hard to accept the fact that there are times when parents want to feel the love that they once shared with them.