We cannot blame any one for this global change,social challenge and human crisis. Unlike the institutional support in the developed societies with fair degree of sheltered homes for the senior citizens,we have serious issues in providing care to our seniors. They constitute vulnerable group due to physical ,psychosomatic health and social withdrawal. Poverty and rural deprivation further aggregates their living.

Worst bit are the women belonging to weakers sections living in rural areas without any economic or social security. Though government of india passed national policy on senior citizens and their welfare,due to complexity of the problems of the elderly,much has not improved in the plight of our elders. Hence,the need for the support of the community for their safe and secured maintenance and well being.Thus,the role of NGOS assumes significance. To meet the increasing demand for support and maintenance of the needy seniors, caring elders, We appeal to the public to share their resources liberally and to supplement our endeavors for extending a helping hand to our elders, it is going to admit inmates based on their financial background irrespective of caste, creed, languauge , color, religion and region. Consider this, out of every 10 elderly couples in India, more than 6 are forced by their children to leave their homes.

With no place to go and all hopes lost, the elderly have to resort to old age homes, which do not guarantee first class treatment. In India, but children find it hard to accept the fact that there are times when parents want to feel the love that they once shared with them. There are times when parents just want to relax and want their children to reciprocate their care. Every parent wants to see their child grow and be successful but no parent wants their child to treat them like an unnecessary load on their responsibilities. Every other day, we see news of parents being beaten up by their children, parents and in-laws being forced to do the household chores, being made to live in small dungeon-like rooms, their property being forcefully taken over by over ambitious children. According to NGOs incidences of elderly couples being forced to sell their houses are very high.

Some elderly people have also complained that in case of a property dispute they feel more helpless when their wives side with their children. Many of them suffer in silence as they fear humiliation or are too scared to speak up. According to them a phenomenon called grand dumping is becoming common in urban areas these days as children are being increasingly intolerant of their parents' health problems. After a certain age health problems begin to crop up leading to losing control over one's body, even not recognizing own family owing to Alzheimer are common in old age. It is then children began to see their parents as burden. It is these parents who at times wander out of their homes or are thrown out.

Some dump their old parents or grandparents in old-age homes and don't even come to visit them anymore. Delhi has nearly 11 lakh senior citizens but there are only 4 governments' run homes for them and 31 by NGOs, private agencies and charitable trusts. The facilities are lacking in government run homes. Forget the rights that the elderly enjoy in India. Just forget about the action that they can take. Think on moral grounds. Why do we tend to forget that the reason we are in this world is our parents, the reason we studied is our parents, the reason we were alive all this while is our parents, the reason we survived all the diseases is our mother's care. The hands who made us walk is our parents'.

When we were kids we never thought of it but we knew that no matter what, our parents will be by our side. But when our time came to show our respect, to reciprocate the love, to show our gratitude, we back out. But the truth is that even when they are counting their last breath, they are still thinking of us! Is the youth too insensitive to the elder? Passing comments at an old man walking slowly on the road and disturbing the flow of the traffic are our ethics? Come on youth, stand up against such injustice. DO NOT TREAT YOUR PARENTS LIKE BURDEN ESPECIALLY WHEN THEY NEED YOU. .